Innovation is no longer just for creating value to benefit individuals, organizations, or societies. The ultimate purpose of innovation should be much more far reaching, helping create a smart future where people can enjoy the best quality of life possible.

About Living Lab X

Living Lab

Living Lab is the innovative chapter of Living Lab venture that focuses on technological expertise. As the innovation arm of Living Lab Venture, we are dedicated to bring tech innovations in order to build a smart city for better living.




 local startups

so that their ideas and creations will be integrated into the lives of our smart society. We invite the bright minds of our country to become a part of something bigger as they become part of the solution to making our residents’ lives easier.

As we are based in Indonesia

we want to partner with local startups as well as incubate new startups in order to create forward-thinking solutions to life.


Industrial Focus

Smart Technologies

Explore how technology can enhance life in the city.

Digital Life

Explore how social networking and
e-commerce can connect neighbours and create new experiences.


Explore how people and products can be transported more efficiently and sustainably


Living Lab’s vision is to bring technological innovations to support Sinarmas Land’s vision and mission of Building for a Better Future through Technology. We believe that technological innovations can come from anywhere, abroad or from bright minds in Indonesia.


We identify the emerging technologies that we think have great potential to be gamechangers in our vision of building a smart city, and also connecting technology companies to Sinarmas Land’s ecosystem.

Living Lab will identifies the partnership model and resources needed, depending on the business model of the startup, and how scalable it is.


We Offer


With our extensive our vast network (of VCs, projects and market)

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Pilot Testing

We can facilitate the pilot testing of your products and deliver results

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You have the opportunity to be in synergy with our partners

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Depending on the business model and how scalable it is, we also provide

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Guidance (Mentor)

As we have had years of experience running a large company and

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Living Lab’s Incubation

OneSmile is a community app exclusively designed to make it easier for resident to carry out their daily activities.

E-Catalog is an official catalogue (web-based) by Sinarmas Land, providing the most comprehensive and most updated information of all Sinarmas Land’s Real Estate projects in Indonesia, and connecting customers directly to all affiliated sales agents.

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